perhaps? maybe?

Thursday, March 3, 2011
maybe its just a dream. probably something that i've once wished. perhaps something u've once preached.
it was our fate. a miracle i would say. for ur to meet again n be together today.
it came really fast but i hope it would last.

all the fears i feel inside. and all the drips of tears that i've cried. do u know how i felt deep inside?
there's nothing to blame on u. for forgetting words u've once said. because all the dates seems the same.

i miss listening to your breath so close to me. i miss your little kisses so sweet.

u've been so busy lately. we've not met recently. and i miss u so much that words couldn't express it for me.

u've once said "sometimes it's not that the other half doesn't care, it's just that u've put things too hard."
but i'll say "if the other half means nothing to me, i wouldn't take it so hard or even care."

i cant really express my feelings. it doesn't seem to be hurting. but i just seem so dull somehow.

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