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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
been sick continuously. different sickness. from love sick till fever. till flu. diarrhea. and now fucked up.

u text me whenever u're drunk. u say u need me. u say u wanna see me. and after that? u tell me u're with her u cant text me.

fuck it. u told me we shouldn't text anymore but here u go again and start texting me. u said u dint wanna hurt me anymore but then again u're doing it.

so what? i'm that useful to u? u come looking for me when she's not ard. just to replace her? who and what am i to u? was i someone u once fell for and then treat as a waterbag later on? figure that out dude.

yes life is never fair. it has never been fair. face it. embrace it. live with it. and fuck it. :)

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