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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
life have been pretty busy and hectic since that day. probably coz i wanna fill up my time so that i dont think so much. or probably these things just came in at the right moment. been busy with graduation, graduation photoshoot yesterday and catching up with old besties as well as works.

pretty much boring life but i somehow enjoy it alot. probably not too good for my health but at its better than going all emotional and drinking alcohol. xD

i've been going through my life, myself and i guess its time to learn to smile ad embrace everyday. thanks for whatsapping me today babe. i know u said things for the better of me. :) i'm glad and i appreciate it. and u know who u are. i need not mention i believe. 

beautiful things they dont last, just like fireworks in the skies for that few seconds. so embrace and appreciate what u have in hand. smile and get over it. take a deep breathe and its a brand new start everyday. 

love yourself. because no one else will love you for you. 
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