the work #2. 2o11 Christian Dior Makeup Show

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
working with people from all around malaysia and all around asia pacific, its a Christian Dior Regional Makeup Artists Training and Makeup Contest. first day of work was on valentines day 14.02.11 where i worked with a korean lady.

being very nice of her, she cared to ask help from the translator to ask me about the makeup and colours that i like and dislike.

and today i worked with a japanese male makeup artist. with his theme of rock, he came up with a very dark smokey eye colour for me. and an extra eye liner line above my eye lines. only thing is that my attire dint match the whole concept. i guess they should have provided the attire as well.

its been a very tiring week for me. working almost everyday from early morning till evening or night. sigh i guess i really need to get use to the life again. i need more sleep!!!~ or prolly get used to less sleep!!! xD

missing u loads thou we just hung out yesterday.
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