of injuries and pain.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

have i been cursed lately? or have i been doing too much bad deeds to people around me? sigh…hurting myself throughout this chinese new years seems to be something normal to me.

from injuring my belly piercing at mois on 06.02.11 till losing my balance due to low blood pressure and falling of the stairs that caused blueblacks and bruises on my legs on 08.02.11 until today having the car door smacked on my thumb till blood dripped on my white skirt.

prolly because i hurt someone in my previous relationship coz i wanted the break off. thats why i'm being punished like this with cuts and injuries. or prolly because i hurt someone else by having another person be with me.

sigh. but i guess its all meant to be and fated. coz prolly if all these never happened. things will be different. i'm glad to have u now. i'm glad to have all of u now. life goes on. for me. =)) and i appologize to those who i've hurt unintentionally.

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