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Friday, February 25, 2011
we've both been really busy with our own paths and life that we haven't really catched up since before cny until 22.02.11 when i called her out and accompanied her to an interview. my beloved suipo ceres joey who currently looks more dead than me. ==*

we then headed to our usual hangout spot, starbucks one utama. and we watched a movie. burlesque for the second time for me. and it still touched me.

the next day i grew long hair in a couple of minutes. xD put on my extentions and attended a job interview. still freelancing at the moment before i start interviewing for a full time job nex week. wish me luck =))

and then a random trip with the high schoomates up to genting for a one day trip. thanks reny for driving and helping me earn some lil cash from uncle lim. *finally i dint lose money in the casino xD*

we had a lil arcade session in the indoors. playing kiddie games as well as me trying out tekken and ended up kicking asses. ok prolly i was just lucky to win 3 games. xD and then a lil starbucks session on catching up with whats gonna happen in our lives after the trip and what happened when we dint meet. before reny and i went in to the casino for some little games.

the week was pretty much doing crazy stuffs coz i dint have any job on hand. not until nex weekend's pc expo. come visit me!!!~ xD 4th - 6th march at MECC okies.

and as of an hour ago my hair is officially dark brown. and i mean dark brown. no more goldie. xD thats to prepare me for job interview!!!
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