back to penang. day four.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

super over-exposed pitcha!!!~ i love somehow. i like my eyes in the pic. slept till 3pm today before i got up, had lunch and wash up to get ready to go out to bro's house for meet up before heading to kek lok si temple.

had some crazy fun time in the car on the way up to the temple with the in-laws. and i'm pretty upset that when we arrived at the temple, the lights were off and the doors were closed. =(( then as we were going down, we saw the temple lighting up one by one. so we stopped by and snapped a couple of pics before heading off for dinner.

had good food again for dinner. char kuey tiao, fried chee cheong fun, hokkien mee, ikan bakar. omg i'm so gaining weight. ><" temptation is a sin. but i love fooooooooood!!!~~~

got to go. tomorrow gonna have to wake up early for prayers. tomorrow is a day filled with prayers. morning and night. oh gosh…another tiring day in penang for me.
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