back to penang. day five. part three.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

and after reunion dinner we all gathered at cousin's place as a meet up point before we headed out to the 7 temples roving. its a family tradition where we have to rove to 7 different temples to pray. so take a look at the amount of joss stick that we prepared for the prayers.

the first two temples were practically still okayh coz there weren't many people and smoke yet. so we were still safe from sneezing and watery eyes. XD and as we step into the third and fourth, it was still ok coz the temples were very clean and not smoky too. up to the fifth temple onwards, we all started to feel the heat, smoke and watery eyes.

pictures says a thousand words…so the next few blog postings will be more on the 7 temple pictures.

temple one and two down. five to go.
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