back to penang. day five. part five.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

as we walked towards the sixth temple which is the kuan yin temple, we were already prepared to feel the heat and smoke. as we got closer to the temple we could already see the smoke from far.

the outside of the temple was practically like a war zone. having seen fire burning everywhere. *i'm sorry if it sounded rude* but with all the tumbled joss stick cups and burning candles all over, it really felt and looked like it.

moreover, there were way more beggars at this temple compared to others. so as i prayed for the safety and health of myself and my love ones, i prayed to the gods to protect my camera when i was there as well. *it was pretty scary if u were there. trust me.*

some kneeled outside to pray, some brought their goggles along to enter the temple. while some of my relatives went through the whole thing, some had a seat at a stall nearby to take a break after simple prayers to the deities from the outside.

while i did something crazy, going through all the heat being the only girl standing with a DSLR with one reporter from The Star and a few other random guys near the big joss stick burning fennel, i believe it was all worth it. the final outcome of the pictures put a smile on my heated up oily face at the end of the shoot.

i was trying out shooting fire lines and for a first timer i'm happy with the outcome with only my kit lens.

and then we left for the final temple. where the temple is located at the roadside and it is a small one. elder people squish to get in to the temple while younger ones will choose to stand outside. we were done with our roving this year in 2 hours record. half an hour faster than last year.

i'm actually really happy to be part of all these actually. it may be tiring but it is really fun to do it once a year. today is first day of chinese new years. so happy chinese new years my dear readers and followers. may health and prosperity will hope into u soon!!!~ 
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