the younger years

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i randomly dig these kindy pictures and primary school pictures of me all of a sudden coz one of my primary school friends created this group on facebook and i practically cant remember most of them. coz i lost contact with most when i left for SMKDU when the rest of them went to Abdul Samad in secondary school.

its really fun to see old pictures of ourselves when we were way younger. each of us with the goody two shoes look. lolz. i was the nerdy looking one. so spot me.

primary school friends who i can only remember the few. i'm really really sorry guys. most of our faces changed as we grow up and hell we dint have digital cameras and facebook back then!!

oh gosh i miss those times and i miss all of u guys!!! time for gathering soon i hope. its been more than 10 years since most of us last met.

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