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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mommy did most of the wedding preperations as I'm not familiar with the customs and traditions that we had to follow. Besides, I had zero idea if my brother and sis-in-law wanted to follow half or follow all. It all begins with "Guo Dai Lai"/the betrothal, where the groom sends hard liquor, red packets and other stuffs over to the brides side as a dowry and the bride sides returns with 2 bottles of orange juice. *hmmm not bad being a bride u get hard liquors to exchange with orange juice. XD*  

Preparations on room and house decos were to be done to. There's this rule that after the bedroom and bed is done with the decos, mommy cannot enter anymore. and younger generation girls (except for the sister) are not allowed to go in too as superstitions says that they will not be able to get married if they go in before the wedding.

Relatives came all the way from Penang to participate in this big family occasion. I suppose because he is the eldest 3rd generation son of the Chew family but it sure was fun to see them be so anticipated in the occasion. having them climb up and down preparing the "tong yuen" and house decos.

The most important part of all on the wedding eve night is that my parents and brother had to pray to the "tin gong" or sky god in english. to ask for protection and blessing for the wedding. 

After the burning of jaws stick and prayer papers, daddy and mummy have to feed bro the "tong yuens" and he has to swallow 2 at a time.

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