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Monday, January 24, 2011

the king and queen of the night, they finally wed. this is the first wedding dinner. we'll be having round two in penang next sunday. congrats to the newly wed couple and welcome to the family sister!!~

mind you, i am pretty vain. i love to camho. and i enjoy doing it. so leave me to it. dont complain. =)) i felt like a princess in the gown. sorry i rarely wear gowns. this is my one and only gown. and its my favourite colour of all. tee hee!!~~~ *but its really troublesome to walk in it. too long. coz i short.*

i guess i'd only want to say a very big thankiew to everyone who came and gave them the blessings. and i'm glad to have a new sister in the family. and i know daddy and mummy are getting used to be called daddy and mummy to sis in law. lolz.

and on me was:

purple long gown : august 8
black heels : vincci
accessories : assorted
black gloves : sg wang.
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