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Thursday, January 6, 2011

currently sitting at my usual corner at starbucks one utama. figuring out which direction i should head after graduation. yes…i'm finally done with uni years. its time to get started with a full time job.

being a shortie i still insisted on sending my resume in to cathay pacific as a flight attendant. *praying so hard i'll get a call from them for an interview session*

but life is like a box of chocolates and we'll never know what we get next. just as said as forest gump. :))

besides having to think of being a flight attendant i gave up on what i've previously studied. thinking of going back into events line but its pretty tough as well. so i've finally came up with wedding planning. something that is filled with bliss and happiness in every couple's life.

i'm actually going through the list of event companies that does wedding planning as well as bridal galleries.  and being pretty stuck up and lazy i wanna find one that is near to me so i dont have to drive too far. *yes i hafta drive from nao onwards. daddy wont fetch me around anymore =( boo hoo!*

any suggestions? =)) i do have a few in mind thou. tee hee~
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