sigh...some people..

Friday, January 21, 2011
some people are just pure brainless or mad pathetic. i'm writing this blog post from my phone *and continued one my mac* having felt unhappy. yes, it's true that everyone has their own rights to say or do what they want. and as victims, they should just ignore.

i had this friend. a girl whom i treated as a friend from the bottom of my heart. a friend who asked me for help in need in cash or in need in strength when she needed and i borrowed to her. it's not the first time i'm helping friends like this n end up being treated like shit. yes u can call me stupid, naive or too kind...but i'll always help friends who i treat them as.

well...this girl told me stories. she told me that her parents were sick n had to go to the hospital n needed money to buy stuff for home, this and that. i borrowed her a total of RM650. but when i met both her parents, they seem so healthy. they look as thou they were not sick. so what's the truth? when she was in need i tried my best to fork out what i could to help her. coz i treated her as a friend.

if i really wanted to calculate with u, i have so much more to calculate. all the petrol i paid, all the food i paid, all the parking i paid. yes, i fetched me around, but what when it comes to u wanted to go and asked me to tag along? need i pay for u?

and no i'm not here to brag or show off on how kind-hearted or good i am. i just want to express how disappointed i feel towards her attitude. yes she did return me RM600 but the remaining 50? it's not really the amount that matters to me actually. it's the courtesy. i only asked the money back from her when i needed and since sept 14 2010 she promised to pass the remaining to me but until today she ignored my smses. even more heart wrecking is that she n her so-called bestie are writing stuffs about me. then again it's their rights to say whatever they want. i'm just feeling upset.

it's just that even if u don't appreciate what others have done for u, at least have the manners n courtesy to b nice. sigh…owe someone money means nothing but its the good deed that u owe the person.

she is older than me. at the age where she should be thinking maturely and not being a b*tch. boasting around, borrowing money from different people and not wanting to work to earn a living. hiding at her bestie's place practically everyday. i know u don't owe me alone.

grow up. and its not good to owe people over the chinese new years.

say whatever you want, but karma strikes. u know who u are. i need not let them know ur names. there isn't a need. coz this blog post is written specially for u. spam and troll on facebook after reading, i know u will. just be it.
2 comments on "sigh...some people.."
  1. babe u gonna stop being so nice to everyone coz some people will just take your kindness for granted <3

  2. but i'll continue being nais to u coz u're nais to me too. miss u loads babe. meet up during cnys? call ling, denise and the rest!~ <3


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