its has always been...

Friday, January 7, 2011
being in a relationship doesn't mean being in full happiness or being happy all the time. being in a relationship sometimes brings more pain, hurt and suffering.

giving in to the other half is a solution to avoid arguments or unhappiness. but giving in too much is not the way either.

in ur world, sometimes i don't know, sometimes i don't understand what u're thinking about. or whats in ur mind. it always seems that every other person or every other thing is wayyyyyyyyy more important than me. it happens all the time. u may be talking to me and someone interrupts and calls out for u then u'll just turn and talk to the other person no matter how important our topic can be.

giving in or giving up? i dont know how long more i can last being in this…

3 comments on "its has always been..."
  1. *hug hug*
    being in relationship requires lots of afford and time to balance the harmonization between u n ur loved one. it is easy to speak but hard to do it.
    i believe that every couple will be facing the same prob. but once u r able to take over the obstacle, the happiness is urs..
    jia you dear, no matter what, u have us to stand beside u and back u up..stay strong.
    i hope u can overcome it^^


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