gang reunion

Saturday, January 22, 2011

knowing this bunch of fun, caring people for a year. they are practically the best thing that had ever happened in my life. let me introduce a lil bit of them.

Ceres Joey - the one that i've known through freelancing. since april 2009 until today. we only got close somewhere in sept 2009 and until today she is still the best suipo ever. =)) i love u babe!!~

Alan Yong - the bestest ever god bro who is always there for me whenever i'm happy or unhappy. emo and laughter. thanks for everything!!~

Jason Lim (in pink) - the one who always fetches us around whenever we need help in transportation as long as he is available to do so =))

Chee Kai - the one who is fun to be around but he's emo he's more scary than me. XD

Adrian Leong - this one MIA damn long already. finally out again in the gang for reunion.

Mei Yee - the pretty girl who studies accounting and is freelancing too =))

the rest are friends of Jason's, and Alan's who joined us to have some fun. =)) alot of craziness and alot of memories recalled when songs played. i had all the fun i needed to release all those unhappy stress i had. at least for one night. =)) thanks guys for being there for me whenever i need someone. thanks for every single thing in my life having u guys appear!!~ i love u guys loadsssss!!~~ muaxx muaxx..

pictures below *i'm sorry if they're ugly*

2 comments on "gang reunion"
  1. alo amoi i tengok u ni suka peluk2 dengan lelaki lain

    tak baik tau.. berhentilah berfoya foya dan bertaubatlahhh

    carilah seorang lelaki dan kawin cepat2 , supaya tak peluk2 , rabab2 ramai2 lelaki

  2. oh u're finally here. =)) welcome to the blog.

    thanks for trying to change me. but dream on. i live my life the way i want and u can live urs ur way. =))


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