the event #2. 2o11 Clubbing9ine top dj awards

Monday, January 10, 2011
the Happening : Clubbing9ine Top DJ Awards
the Venue : Fliud. Asian Heritage Row. Jalan Doraisamy.
the Day of Happening : 08.01.2011
the On-Going : 10pm onwards
the Caught in Action : Hanie HidayahNasri LianMoe Nasrul. Melissa Chong. Shon See. Kimmy Kim. Gavin.

the event was pretty much boring and i'd say stupid dumb coz the system was kinda not right. there were no crowd at 11pm. and the music was so-so only. i arrived only at around 1130 or so with hanie and nasri being fashionably late having to see me and hanie both in shorts. we both seem to have the same dress sense these days..which is kinda freaky sometimes.

moe had to leave early coz he had nite live at 8tv. so it was less fun without him around. =( but work comes first of course. then we all left. hanie and nasri had to go early too…while the rest of us headed to desire to see dj smurf @ adrian spin. =)

ps : tee hee!!!~ i got an email from cathay pacific hong kong to attend their career talk and first interview to be their flight attendant and base in hong kong. praying hard everything goes well and i'll leave. XD
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