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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
writing this posting i'm in a serious dilemma right nao. thinking of the choices i have. of between my career wise, my future and of family affair. receiving the email from cathay pacific today is probably one of the best thing that could ever happen to me so far, having to know that i'm shortlisted to attend their career talk and first interview in hope of being their future flight attendant. yes a very good start indeed, having to know my final results today that i will be officially graduating and convocation is next march.

but…the problem is...the interview is on the day of my brother's wedding ceremony. FML. its a choice between the family affair and the career. probably the future. previously before having to receive the news, i already had plans on applying as a wedding planner. had already bought my books to do my homework before i walk in for interviews. sigh…..its my brother's wedding ceremony and its once in a lifetime. but the chance of being shortlisted is not easy either. *and if i miss this i dont know if i'm gonna have anymore chances like this or not coz i can be based in hong kong*

i know its a more steady future if i were to be a wedding planner instead of a flight attendant.

flight attendant interview VS brother's wedding VS wedding planner? choices..what should i do?
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