back to penang. day three.

Monday, January 31, 2011
third day back in penang and i'm starting to feel a lil bored. prolly not into CNY mode yet. but with a blink of an eye its already the last day of the first month of 2o11. gosh…time really flies.

i had great food today. starting off after i checked out from the hotel and after dropping off the luggages at uncle/cousin's house.

had my favourite char kuey tiao. one of the best in penang but with the lack of duck egg. will do that again in a few days time. and then had mua chee with daddy and mummy.

and dinner is the best of all. coz granny love cooked one of my favourite dish. it may not look pretty or attractive but its mad yummy!!~ its chili fish. in hokkien its called "hang ngar hu"

blogging about food right nao and i'm mad hungry. damnit!!!~ food time. i'm so gonna gain weight in penang. =((
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