back to penang. day one. part two.

Sunday, January 30, 2011
first time going to a club in penang. lolz. was surprised when agatha babe commented on my foursquare post when i checked-in at the penang bridge. and then she said lets go clubbing tonight. i tot she was just kidding. but at the end. we met up and headed to MOIS which was located at upper penang road at around 1045 at night with her boyfriend and a couple of other friends. and we later on met up with more of her friends. the night was pretty much alright. but i was in penang and so i dint drink much. XD

the crowd was pretty much not bad. apparently the club was supposed to be as top as phuture in kl. there were many hot chicks in penang club thou. =)) music was just okayh. not comparable but okayh. venue interior was pretty nice but the toilets were disgusting.

on me was :
white boyfriend shirt : topshop
denim high waisted shorts : topshop
hello kitty bag : minimaos
accessories : assorted
black heels : vincci
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