2o11 the beginning

Monday, January 3, 2011
2o1o ended with having 39 other babes going through the countdown with me at marina cove water park, lumut. we were there to work as bikini girls for the countdown event. 
*go up the airplane. not what we all expected*

anyways it was pretty fun at the end of the day having to know more new cute babes around.
it all started from the time we board the bus having cutie aibe sleeping. XD

food was provided for us but it suxed big time. =___________+ practically every meal we had rice. 1 vege. 1 fish. 1 chicken meat. and it repeated.

and so the event invited 2 DJs - Eva T and Ranzor. and 2 different performing act from my previous internship company - Power Station and Tank.

=)  expect more fun coming from my room. with genni. aibe. and my suipo ceres joey sharing one same room. we were going nuts. especially with the cute aibe who screams around all the time.

more pictures =)

2o1o ended with some cheapo fireworks display. which i managed to capture. and 2o11 welcomes all of us having to work on the last day of 2o1o and the first day of 2o11.

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