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back to penang. day three.

Monday, January 31, 2011
third day back in penang and i'm starting to feel a lil bored. prolly not into CNY mode yet. but with a blink of an eye its already the last day of the first month of 2o11. gosh…time really flies.

i had great food today. starting off after i checked out from the hotel and after dropping off the luggages at uncle/cousin's house.

had my favourite char kuey tiao. one of the best in penang but with the lack of duck egg. will do that again in a few days time. and then had mua chee with daddy and mummy.

and dinner is the best of all. coz granny love cooked one of my favourite dish. it may not look pretty or attractive but its mad yummy!!~ its chili fish. in hokkien its called "hang ngar hu"

blogging about food right nao and i'm mad hungry. damnit!!!~ food time. i'm so gonna gain weight in penang. =((

back to penang. day one. part two.

Sunday, January 30, 2011
first time going to a club in penang. lolz. was surprised when agatha babe commented on my foursquare post when i checked-in at the penang bridge. and then she said lets go clubbing tonight. i tot she was just kidding. but at the end. we met up and headed to MOIS which was located at upper penang road at around 1045 at night with her boyfriend and a couple of other friends. and we later on met up with more of her friends. the night was pretty much alright. but i was in penang and so i dint drink much. XD

the event #4. 2o11 Miss Malaysia Universe 2011 Coronation Party.

Friday, January 28, 2011
the Happening : Miss Malaysia Universe 2011 Coronation Party.
the Venue : Smoke and Fire Club. The Gardens.
the Day of Happening : 27.01.2011
the On-Going : 7pm till late
the Caught in Action : Lavin Seow. DJ Jerryca Misty. Moe Nasrul.

i was pretty much unprepared to attend this event as i got my invite at the very last minute. *like just an hour before the event* and so i was glad my bestie was around and she had my extra pair of heels in her car. and ta dahhhhh i was there in a pair of heels, tee shirt and jeans.

the younger years

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i randomly dig these kindy pictures and primary school pictures of me all of a sudden coz one of my primary school friends created this group on facebook and i practically cant remember most of them. coz i lost contact with most when i left for SMKDU when the rest of them went to Abdul Samad in secondary school.

its really fun to see old pictures of ourselves when we were way younger. each of us with the goody two shoes look. lolz. i was the nerdy looking one. so spot me.

primary school friends who i can only remember the few. i'm really really sorry guys. most of our faces changed as we grow up and hell we dint have digital cameras and facebook back then!!

oh gosh i miss those times and i miss all of u guys!!! time for gathering soon i hope. its been more than 10 years since most of us last met.

Weddings | Wedding Dinner YY x Erica

Monday, January 24, 2011

the king and queen of the night, they finally wed. this is the first wedding dinner. we'll be having round two in penang next sunday. congrats to the newly wed couple and welcome to the family sister!!~

mind you, i am pretty vain. i love to camho. and i enjoy doing it. so leave me to it. dont complain. =)) i felt like a princess in the gown. sorry i rarely wear gowns. this is my one and only gown. and its my favourite colour of all. tee hee!!~~~ *but its really troublesome to walk in it. too long. coz i short.*

i guess i'd only want to say a very big thankiew to everyone who came and gave them the blessings. and i'm glad to have a new sister in the family. and i know daddy and mummy are getting used to be called daddy and mummy to sis in law. lolz.

and on me was:

purple long gown : august 8
black heels : vincci
accessories : assorted
black gloves : sg wang.

Weddings | Wedding Morning YY x Erica

I woke up extra early with only 2 hours of sleep i think. Rushed to bath and finish my makeup to snap a pic before bro leaves home to bring the bride back but I was too slow. Hence, only had photos with daddy. mummy. and granny. before leaving for my interview.

Rushed over to Crowne Plaza Hotel for the interview. having alan making numerous wrong turns but thank god was still on time for the career talk and all. After the talk, first test was arm reach of 208 cm. Coming from a shortie family, I ended up missing about an inch of arm reach. I guess, at least I gave it a shot and managed to rush home for tea ceremony!!~

Bro and sis-in-law were happy that I managed to get home in time to let me serve them tea and a family photo. Nailed it! Killed two birds with a stone. I'm proud that I gave myself a chance to interview. 

love dress : taiwan
white crop jacket : sg wang
hello kitty bag : minimaos

Weddings | The Day Before YY x Erica

Mommy did most of the wedding preperations as I'm not familiar with the customs and traditions that we had to follow. Besides, I had zero idea if my brother and sis-in-law wanted to follow half or follow all. It all begins with "Guo Dai Lai"/the betrothal, where the groom sends hard liquor, red packets and other stuffs over to the brides side as a dowry and the bride sides returns with 2 bottles of orange juice. *hmmm not bad being a bride u get hard liquors to exchange with orange juice. XD*  

Preparations on room and house decos were to be done to. There's this rule that after the bedroom and bed is done with the decos, mommy cannot enter anymore. and younger generation girls (except for the sister) are not allowed to go in too as superstitions says that they will not be able to get married if they go in before the wedding.

Relatives came all the way from Penang to participate in this big family occasion. I suppose because he is the eldest 3rd generation son of the Chew family but it sure was fun to see them be so anticipated in the occasion. having them climb up and down preparing the "tong yuen" and house decos.

The most important part of all on the wedding eve night is that my parents and brother had to pray to the "tin gong" or sky god in english. to ask for protection and blessing for the wedding. 

After the burning of jaws stick and prayer papers, daddy and mummy have to feed bro the "tong yuens" and he has to swallow 2 at a time.

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