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crazy busy hectic december

Thursday, December 22, 2011
i'm sorry i dint mean to neglect my bloggie. i've been busy. with work and work and work. okayh and also shopping and boyfie.

i came back to freelance, missing those days as i freelance much less now due to my full time job which practically clashes most of the time - time wise or conflict of business wise or location wise. but i'm still back!!! and with my bestie my suipo ceres joey. ♥ tee hee~

been running through so many different events this month. from catering for Toy Watch's Media Launch to attending Tiger's Live It Up Party and running the Johnnie Walker Indulgently Gold event. it's hectic but fun at the same time.

only thing about me now is that i dont like to party on crowded nights or crowded places. not like a year ago where i dint mind squeezing with everyone else just to get in to Zouk. and now i'm practically here everyday. :) for work of course.

xmas is around the corner! i'm done with shopping for cny clothing too! actually not really, i'm never done with shopping for clothes. but who does anyway? xD

xmas is his special day but i'm running low on ideas. gosh :( i hope everything goes well. sigh….xmas just means so much to me and its our first xmas together and his first bday with me.

oh mummy dearest injured her little middle finger while cleaning the kitchen :( made me worry coz she's got 2 stitches on it. sigh the pain~~~ but she said it dint hurt just kept bleeding. ><"

but hey time to wrap it up, happy winter solstice everyone!!~ much love. xoxo 

a busy november.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
its coming towards the end of the year. time really flies having someone special in my life.

its the last day of november and i've been caught up with so much work i've been staying back in the office till wee hours..practically at least once a week i'd had to be in the office for at least 10-12 hours. pretty fun to stay back sometimes but heck it's tiring the next day. and my pimples are saying hi to me again. :((

being in the company for 3 months and a week to be exact, and looking back and my schedule makes me surprised how many events i've run here. nothing big to brag about but i'm just happy when i'm doing it and each time i learn something new from the team. and i'm really glad that i have a super good manager. :)

also met up with a couple of photog and event friends which makes me miss my freelance days even more. i miss the days when i can be pretty and just stand there taking pictures but then again lifestyle changes. i guess my job now is more of running the event and attending more than being there to pose.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011
i'm thinking of rebranding the style of my blog. writing style. probably focusing more on what i currently am doing. events. as well as my lifestyle fashion. i guess fashion has a wide range that varies in different styles and ways. so i'm not gonna write on high fashion but more of casual lifestyle fashion.

but i am no one to tell any one how to dress or who to wear coz its individual. :))

give me a little time to start the new style. tee hee~


Tuesday, November 1, 2011
its coming to the end of the year. october ended yesterday and lets welcome november today. :) 1.11.11 the day my baby car is supposed to come back, else it will come back tomorrow, hopefully. seriously feels different not driving to work.

i've been busy. with friends and in the office. and not having the car makes it pretty hard for me to do my own personal things sometimes. i used to depend much on daddy bringing me around and now sometimes my baby love, but after driving, i could go most places at any time i needed. so its pretty much harder without the car.

attended lizzie's bday n baby shower celebration with baby love and the rest. it was a warm gathering but felt kinda odd coz we dint know the rest and the rest dint know us. so we were all at our own table. took pictures, played on the ipad and catch up.

then its halloween at zouk. i dressed up as tinkerbell with my very last minute sewed skirt. :) was thinking that not many people wouls think of dressing up as tinkerbell but at the end i saw another 2 other girls in tinkerbell costumes. pretty upset coz i'm not special anymore. :(( lol. but i guess unless i come up with some weird costume, else usually people will think of the usual characters. so its pretty normal to have the same costumes just a different touch of it.

nothing much to elaborate on my weekends coz its always with him. :) guess thats all for now. cant wait till dec. tee hee~~~

that moment of life.

Monday, October 24, 2011
have anyone here ever experienced that second of life where you thought that you were gonna leave this world all of a sudden? i have, twice that i could remember of.

the first was when i was seven at sunway lagoon. the second, just happened to me a few days back. my first and most fatal car crash.

it was a really sunny saturday afternoon, when i was on my way home from collecting some stuffs from pavilion while taking the corner at jalan semantan at about 60km/ph and all i could recall was that i heard this really loud speeding sound next to me, i saw a motorcyclist speeding next to me sweeping me on the left and then trying to avoid the bike, i went into the red slippery zone then lost control of my car and crashed up the curb.

seriously, at that point of time it was like in the movies where all that in my mind was him and that i dint wanna die so early. thankfully, i did not hurt/kill anyone or myself in the crash. its just that i have phobia in driving especially at the red zone areas and motorcyclist and mental injuries.

but then again, it seemed to have all been fated. if only the girl's flight did not delay the week before and i collected the things earlier, if only mummy had followed me down to kl, if only….but it happened. it was meant to happen. and all i can say now is thank god i'm fine with no injuries at all.

worse part was that daddy wasn't in town and i was traumatized not knowing what to do coz i can't turn my steering wheel nor move my car at all. ><" heck it was the most horrible feeling ever!

and oh the result of it? brake disc broke into half, broken drive shaft and urm horribly scratched car. which costed me a bomb. urgh at least not my life!

what's a relationship.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
today a long time no contact friend dm me on facebook. we chatted. until it came the the topics on relationships. he said it was hard for him to find miss right. and we started quite a long chat on it. i told him its not easy to find that person coz it all depends on fate.

he then asked "fate?" and said that he hated this fate shit. but fate comes naturally. we cant just force ourselves to find that person coz he/she will just appear when its time to appear. u dont have to find but not just stay home and wait. its the people around you that really matters. he/she may just be ur mr/ms right. give everyone around u a chance.

no one is perfect in a relationship. or more of no one is perfect in anything. and everyone has got a chance to find their love. :)

in my relationship, i gave him a chance to take care of me. we only knew each other for a month n now we're together for 5 months. slowly we understood each other. day by day. we get pissed at each other's stupid temper sometimes but we give in. apologize even if we're not wrong. its putting down the ego bcoz slowly u love the person more each day.

to me this is love.
love is not about the romance, its not about the money or pretty people or perfection.
its about how u learn to feel and put down ur ego for that person.

freelance its different.

Monday, October 10, 2011
it has been a month and a half since i joined zouk as business development exec. it may seem and sound glamorous working at kl's hottest night spot. but then again it's not what u think. i may sound like i'm whining but i'm not.

going into full-time is way different if compared to my freelance years when i was still a student back then and 6 months after graduation. i had very flexible time, i earn way much more and i could eat spend and do anything i want at any time of the day like no one's business.

freelance was really fun. i'd miss those days when i had different pretty uniforms to wear and i had OT pay if i had to work extra hours or even extra half an hour.

but full-time i have to work for long hours and not get paid extra, yet i cant complain coz i enjoy the work tho i may b really really tired at the end of the night. but it does give me a satisfaction when the event is over. but this is a stepping stone. its a new level of life. its like building my future career.

some of u guys may not understand what i'm going through coz u're not doing it. but freelance isn't for a lifetime. think again, how long more can you be in those pretty uniforms standing there and posing if u're not a caucasian model on the stage.

i've left the industry tho i may still be there to be in photo shoots as how i still enjoy doing it. but i will no longer stand in events as a showgirl anymore.

time moves forward, life continues going on. think about future.  ♥


Thursday, October 6, 2011
life been very tiring. can i complain? not really. it was my choice and its still my choice. i guess i'm just getting old. used to be able to work everyday and night nonstop and not complain tired but now i do. mayb coz i have to drive too. hahahahaha…

there's this thing about life and people. humans just tend to stereotype no matter what. i guess its human's nature. but i'd like to say, dont stereotype girls who dress up and run in heels. coz i can dress up in a pretty dress, put make up on, wear my four inches high heels and be on the walkie talkie, run about and run the event still. pretty much extremely tiring after that but somehow it still gives me a satisfaction.

weekend is always with the special him, monopoly games, steamboat and cuddling. :)

life's like this.

Saturday, September 24, 2011
i'm like turning into a kinda dull person nowadays. lol. besides going to work every monday to fridays and sometimes on a saturday evening, i'd practically hide at home at night or hang out with my babes on saturdays and sundays are always boyfie days.

lost the partying touch a lil bit still do it once in awhile. and now officially one month with zouk club kay elle. pretty much enjoying life there.

weekends are alot about food food and more food. which tells u why i'm gaining so much weight lately. its time ti slim down a lil back. i need to go back to swimming!!! gahhh~~

but the rest, i guess its pretty much fine. having everything i really want and need in the world now. great family. great boyfie. great friends and a great job. :)) tee hee

everything is so different now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
having to work from ten to seven. sometimes later than seven. sometimes i come back on saturday afternoons and stay back till late. its not that bad. but time is in a mess still. classes are on pause for now. i'm still trying to get used to my schedule while having to spare some time for boyfie on sundays mondays and tuesdays evenings when he dont work.

dressing up to work everyday is giving me headaches coz we dont wear uniforms. lol. but i dont wanna repeat my clothes so fast while trying not to be too casual. shopping time? no money!!! lol budget is pretty tight now that i'm working full time. sigh…

and lately because of the malaysia day that is coming, i have no idea why they are blocking the roads to kay elle and diverting the roads and it causes stooopid horrrible jam to and from work. making me stuck for an hour instead of my usual 20 mins. sigh...

a quiet day.

Friday, September 2, 2011
its a very very quiet day in the office. having not much to do still due to the holidays and i'm still new in the company. lets treat it as honeymoon first before i start getting busy. :) so meanwhile i camho every morning. lol. and camwho when i'm bored then write some stuff and find something useful to do.

did a new ear piercing over the holidays. it dint hurt when piercing but starts to hurt a lil now tho. yikes. i cant sleep on my right ear for at least another week. :( but its worth it. coz i love it much.

been spamming instagram the whole morning with my face and ear piercing. lol. i know its time to stop so nao i spam my blog. lol. and doing a lil paperwork here and there while minding my lil plan for someone :)) tee hee~~~

and so the party havent end.

Saturday, August 27, 2011
working at a club. well literally working at a club coz i work during office hours. my boss told me that soon i will not look at partying as fun as i used to. so i tot of before i really got sick of partying and clubbing why not enjoy the part of it first.

got a last minute call to go back to the place that i was working at, i sped home and got ready then waited for a friend to pick me up. it was nice meeting a couple of old friends that i've lost contact with and also catching up with a couple of freelance babes.

was a pretty fun night tho i left around 2.30 when zouk now closes at 4-5am as compared to 3am last time. but then again if i were to stay back i will have no idea what might happen to me which i do not want it to happen to me either. lol. not good……

weekends are here. time to go swimming later in the evening to maintain my figure. lol.

next week is raya week so working only two days. happy raya. :))

in the office

Friday, August 26, 2011
life in the office for office hours. i'm still yet to get used to it but still trying. but then again my office hours is a lil bit different compared to others so yea..i get to wake up a lil later than other people but i still have to leave home early coz i have to go to kl to work now.

my table and all is still pretty empty coz its only four days since i started working. needs a lil cleaning and wiping before i really start with my deco and rubbish. tee hee!~ but the best part i to have a pillow to hug. now i need to add one more for me to place on my chair to lean on for more comfy. sounds like its gonna be my room. hahahahaha…. but hey its better too work when u're comfy right? just not too. hahaha….

its ramadan week so not much jam to and fro from work so far. i hope its still good after the raya. :))

but the horrible part so far is that i've not been feeling too well. down with the flu. a lil sore throat. cough and heavy head. worse i bang my car right outside my house on to the cement corner of my neighbour's house which caused a "v" shaped smily face at my bumper when i got back from work two days back. sigh. clumsy me. prolly lack of rest and not feeling well. weekends to recover and start swimming.

and now back to work. :))

ps : changed my blog design a lil again. i think simple is nicer. :) what do u think?

turning twenty three. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011
for the first time in my entire twenty three years, he made me feel real special. the cheeky little face that he shown me while standing smartly in his coat leaning on the car door while waiting for me outside my house gate. i got up the car not knowing where i was heading towards but i was really excited.

he brought me to a place i've not been to before. a very nice environment with beautiful view and good food. then again it was the company that matters. it was him that matters most to me.

two hours and the restaurant. spending time camwhoring *he had to coz i was queen* talking and cuddling. i really had a great night.

this year i dint make any birthday wishes coz all my wishes came true. i've gotten my dream job. i've got a great love. and i've my family with me. and great friends of course.

turning twenty three with so many wishes made me felt warmed and loved. thanks for all the wishes. u guys are really great!

the other angle.

Friday, August 19, 2011
looking at things from another point of view. it seems so hard to do sometimes. smile. its another brand new day coming up tomorrow. i shall turn twenty three in another four hours time. real fast.

i did something different today. another type of photoshoot before i officially turn a year older. something sizzling. sneak peak of what i have.

the gathering.

Monday, August 8, 2011
it was planned and arranged pretty last minute but thanks to those who came. :)) a simple and small gathering to meet up the pretties for dinner to catch up and celebrate my early birthday. suipo came over to my place to pick me up before we headed to pavilion to peek at tokyo street and a drink of bubble tea.

then we walked around before heading off to midvalley. we walked for awhile then had sashimi before settling down at gardens cafe to wait for the rest to come. and camwhore in between.

thanks for the little gifts i love them all. thanks for coming eventho it was really last minute. thanks for everything. i hope u guys enjoy. and thanks for the wishes. a small gathering enough to make me smile. :))

she's back.

Saturday, August 6, 2011
whenever she's back. it only means two things. either shopping or partying. she's my sister, my bestie, my suipo for life who went over to singapore for work for the pass few months. not having her around made me feel weird actually. the days where we used to hangout really often, work together in events and party hard every weekend.

and whenever she's back i'd give my time to her even if i'm busy. :))

last night was party night at phuture. bumping into sooooo many freelance babes it was like a gathering. pretty fun night i was mad tipsy by 2am with the amount of alcohol mixture i took. but what is party without any alcohol. :))

boyfriend came by after work to get me home safe. its coz its him, no matter how hard i party, the limit is always there and i'd only want him to come bring me home.

pretty much getting used to my in between hair length now. kinda like it but its annoying when its a bad hair day. but i love the hair colour. done by toni n guys. :))

actually attended an interview in the afternoon yesterday before heading to one u to get my bling nails done. half price is worth sitting for three hours to get it done. :)) tee hee~~~

party top bought from my double, yumi wong. hehehe~ love it much. but it ended up being my early bday present. tee hee~~~

today is chinese valentines so wishing all my readers happy valentines. and have a great one. muakkkxx~~~ ♥♥♥ 

paintball fun.

Monday, August 1, 2011
weekend was pretty much boring on saturday when i stay home whole day. until sunday when the gang had a paintball session. woke up early at 6am to get ready and waited for boyfriend to come pick me up. end up alvin got to come give me a ride first for breakfast before the rest meet up at canyon paintball.

paintball is pain ball. hurts like mad. it felt great being on the war zone. shooting each other for the sake of fun. and getting hurt after the game. with 1 shot on the head. 2 shots on left leg. and 2 shots on my right arm. with a dark bruise on my upper right arm. and from that the bruise got bigger after rubbing it out.

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