the belly piercing experience

Monday, December 20, 2010
i did this right after my final exam my final paper for my final year. YES i'm graduating *i hope*

this is the first ever time trying belly piercing. the experience was in 2 words : chee kik!
hehehehe. it was scary thou when the needle was about to poke and u dont know when it is gonna happen. and when the needle got through ur flesh it was "OUCH!" pain. but nothing much after that.

the area around it hurts still. but the rest i'm ok. sitting in a relaxed way doesnt hurt for me. but they say no exercise, no sports, no swimming, no seafood, no egg for 1 month =(

after effect? there was for me. coz i have low blood pressure and i dint sleep well last night.
the after effect was i almost fainted while shopping halfway after piercing. felt the faint and my body was so weak. =( thank god i'm still ok. hahahaha.

overall it was fun. and i like it alot. tee hee~
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