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the end on 2010.

Monday, December 27, 2010
2010 has been a crazy year for me. loads of UPS! and downs! there were fun and there were stress. there were new people coming in and some who left. tried many new things and left out some behind. and going back into blogging i will need to spend some time. looking back in the year of 2010. this is going to be a long review. =)

1. the year started off with a remarkable firework when I was at work.

2. and then I was working with my internship company - HIM Music Malaysia. a place where I learn many new things and met great people with many new experience.

3. and then it was back to penang during CNY. a great yearly family affair. 

4. then the usual gathering in KL as well for CNY.

5. the first photoshooting session in 2010 with Hibiki's team HT Productions

6. and i mastered climbing Broga Hill with my friends.

7. went on an outing with the RX8ers to Genting for drift session. *pure fun*

8. unlimited drinking sessions and emo session.

9. nonstop clubbing sessions till may 2010

10. first freelance job of the year with my beloved suipo Ceres Joey at Evolusi KL Drift 2

11. then another job for F1 at KLCC outdoors.

12. continuous work till PC Fair (1) 2010 for HP booth

13. more work with more pretty girls - World Instant Noodle Association Summit

14. the worst thing that could ever happen to me on the day of my live band performance. i fell and hard a crack on my shoulder bone that made me sling my hand for a couple of weeks.

15. but i insisted on watching Kelly Clarkson's concert with my injured arm. =P

16. and also went for a short trip with the hers and mazdas to PD with my fractured arm

17. and left for Taipei for 11 days trip with my slingged arm.

18. got a nice hair cut from Taiwan's top hairstylist - Tony =)

19. had the most expensive cake at the hello kitty shop in taiwan =P

20. clubbed at taiwan's hottest spot - room 18

21. had a bikini time in ken ding =)

22. attended Mimi's 21st birthday

23. Toyota roadshow with new hot babes

24. World Cyber Games with Lyndie babe =)

25. Japan Super GT Toyota GT Girl

26. Johnnie Walker's Keep Walking Roving Team

27. Close up with B2ST/BEAST 

28. An all-girl production team for documentary in uni

29. nonstop outings with my beloved suipo Ceres Joey =)

30. Shot for Hypertune magazine that appeared in December 2010 issue

31. Indie Fest with The Velvet Aces

32. Celebrities Club Masquerade Night

33. Crazy "kids" party for the classmates at McD

34. Produced a MCP with the Lamb Production

35. Had the best birthday ever with my family, besties, love and lamb production

43. Glenmorangie tasting session at Zouk Cafe

36. Yumi Wong's birthday.

37. Beauty10expo model for Apiic Academy

38. FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the world =)

39. NTV7 Golden Awards

40. Perfect Women Campaign

41. DragonRed's Resureksi album launch

42. HOT Magazine's 6th Anniversary then Barsonic Night

43. MOTO GP for Motor Culture magazine

44. 2nd photoshoot of the year with Chan Hin

45. DKNY x Belvedere Fashion Meets Music at TUDM

46. Hennessy Artistry Finale at MIECC

47. Said goodbye to long hair and cut it real short.

48. Miko Galere Opening at Pavilion

49. 3 different ABL games

50. 3rd photoshoot with Tania Zheng lao poo =)

51. TOPSHOP/TOPMAN relaunch party KLCC

52. Shout! Awards

53. RX8 club mega gathering

54. My godmum left the world for another world =(

55. got married to someone? =) bridal gallery shoot

56. KLIMS 2010 =) Harley Davidson showgirl

57. YARA International Appreciation Night Usherette

58. To finally finish all my exam papers and prepare for graduation

59. Pierce my belly =))

60. Santarina with 9 other hot chicks for Marie France Bodyline

61. Sexy Santarina shoot with LK Events (Khai & Anthony)

62. Jacky & Cindy's wedding dinner

63. Was "Ji Mui" for Jacky and Cindy's wedding

so in total i had 63 memorable things that happened in 2010. 

it was an amazing year.

2011 will be even better =)
now that i've graduated *i assume i pass all my papers*
i've got more time and things to do.

see ya all in 2011. i'll be at pangkor working over the countdown.

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