the event #9. DragonRed Resureksi Album Showcase.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
the Happening  : DragonRed Resureksi Album Showcase.
the Venue : Black Box. MAPS. Solaris Dutamas
the Date : 15.10.10 (Friday)
the Time : 7.00pm till late
the CAUGHT in ACTION  : Yumi Meiki. Moe Nasrul. The Velvet Aces.

many bands were invited to be part of the showcase for dragonred. and one of them were moe's ex-band (which is already disbanded due to mutual agreement of each wants to go their own paths) the velvet aces. and i'd say they did a really good job that nite with their renditions.

the velvet aces was the third in line to perform after naked breed, two sides a story and wake the night (formerly known as oracle).

after their 2 allocated song performance, the crowd called out for an encore where they did their third song right after that.

we had to leave early after the velvet aces' performance and head straight to euphoria mos, sunway for hot magazine's 6th anniversary as we were already late. 

so upcoming post will be : hot magazine's 6th anniversary, my photoshoot on the weekend and more more more events postings. omg i'm dai-ing soon with all my backdate postings.
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