the event #8. DragonRed Resureksi Album Launch Press Conference.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
the Happening  : DragonRed Resureksi Album Launch Press Conference.
the Venue : Black Box. MAPS. Solaris Dutamas
the Date : 15.10.10 (Friday)
the Time : 3.00pm - 5.00pm
the CAUGHT in ACTION  : Yumi Meiki. Moe Nasrul. The Velvet Aces.

the event was held back in october on the 15th and black box. maps. solaris dutamas. its been awhile since i last attended an album launch press conference actually. i dont quite remember when was the last either ><" (that is how long i have not really been in the industry actually)

yea i kinda disappeared from the events industry as in attending for quite some time. been busy with work and studies as u can see. hahahahahaha. needa earn more cash $$

moe was the emcee for the press conference event actually. and i say he's pretty much a wacky and fun emcee if u needa hire one do contact me =) the press conference was actually done in quite a casual style somehow coz none of the band members sat down when it was the Q&A session. they all just sottd on different stages in the area.

this second album from dragon red after so many years is basically mainly in malay language and in a more toned down music if compared to their first which was more rock.

i'd say its been awhile and it was quite an experience.

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