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Thursday, September 23, 2010
Little details about myself that I'll update from time to time.

Well,hello there! Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I really do hope that you've enjoyed reading it so far. By now you might probably know me a lil bit already but here's a quick introduction.

I'm known by the name Yumi Meiki. Basically you can call me Yumi for short. 
I'm very much into wedding & soiree planning and styling which is why I've set up my very own biz You & Co. However, I'm also a Digital PR Manager who specialises in both Digital Marketing & Influencer/Celebrity Management.

Currently, I am a Digital PR Marketer working in the beauty industry.
My hobby pretty much is playing darts which is why I've also landed myself a sponsorship with Fit Flight Japan and now with Cosmo Darts Juggler Queen as well.

I enjoy travelling, especially to Seoul but with this pandemic happening, I suppose we'll all just stay at home for now. 

Every other time you'll most probably see me being an attached koala to my hubby. #JxY_ and now my little winter Mochi bear, Vante.

Currently, most of my photos are taken with iPhone 12 Pro & Sony a6000.
(and yes most of the time i use the timer)

tweet. @yumimeiki
instagram. @iam.yumimeiki
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