the event #3. NTV7 Golden Awards Ceremony.

Monday, September 27, 2010
the Event  : NTV7 Golden Awards Ceremony.
the Venue : Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). Putrajaya.
the Date : 25.09.2010 (Saturday)
the Time : 7.30pm till 11.30pm
the CAUGHT in ACTION  : Yumi Meiki. Moe Nasrul. Linora Low.

the stage design was quite simple but i liked the combination of this lighting. however the design reminds me of Astro Talent/Star Quest set design for the previous years.

the awards started off with an opening act from 6 singers. from left - Henley Hii, **(i dont know her name), Johnson Wee, Ling Kah Jun, Yise Lo and Leslie Chai.

emcee for the night was 8TV's Cheryl Lee and a male host from Singapore (apparently very famous but i'm not sure what's his name) lol.

during the awards there was this very touching moment when they awarded a lady who deserved the golden award. she is Lai Meng, an actress who acted since a very young age until today and never gave up in her love of career. the crowd stood up, every single person to clap for her.

and the best part was when she was laughing like a kid saying : "ahahaha..oh even i have an award to recieve?"

special congrats to Gary Yap, someone i have know for 6 years already and never gave up in his passion in acting, singing, and hosting.

and Debbie Goh for winning the most voted actress award. i personally was hoping she got best actress award as well.

the happily married Fish Leong did her rendition of "If there weren't" as well as "The pain that breathes"

the event ended with a blast with announcing the best drama award. and all the stars were invited on stage. hen cameras were off, the fans started running down to slip a chance to snap a picture with their favourite artistes/actors. while we tried to go say hi, decided to leave for the after-party first and not squeeze around.
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