the event #1. FHM 100 Sexiest Women Party.

Monday, September 27, 2010
the Event  : FHM 100 Sexiest Women Party.
the Venue : Ecoba. Damansara Perdana.
the Date : 24.09.2010 (Friday)
the Time : 9pm till 11pm
the CAUGHT in ACTION : Yumi Meiki. Shon. Andrew Lee. Moe Nasrul. Linora LowHanie Hidayah.

exam's considered over for me for the time being. except for the very fact that i still have one more paper tomorrow. i know i'm supposed to be studying for TV Production 2 but i dont know what i'm supposed to be reading. perhaps i'll look through the notes in awhile after i'm done with blogging.

anyway. after my film studies paper on last friday. i headed home straight and got ready to party. sadly the party wasnt as fun coz it was a small venue and there were nothing much going on. only free flow of carlsberg and soft drinks.

the only rundown of the event i remember was to have Joanne Kam Po Po to emcee the event, Reshmoru performed a few hits and Douglas Lim the comedian from Kopitiam to have his own version of Justin Beiber's Baby into Babi.

congrats to Hannah Tan on winning the first place of sexiest woman. and Julie Woon from 8TV on 2nd placing.

and i'm waiting for the rest of the pictures from andrew's camera photographed by me. =)) till then i'll update more pictures here.
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