SUMUZU Hair Removal 1.0

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ever since striking puberty, hairy situations both up (underarm) and down (well, you know where) scare me (a lot!). I have been very self-conscious especially that I enjoy swimming but always fear of having something poking out of the bikini bottom.

I guess not many girls enjoy the feeling and appearance of a bushy underarm as well as *down there* and doing-it-yourself isn’t a very good option. The irritating part is that even if I did waxing (which I was really fearful of the pain and shy) is that it (1) grows back really quickly and (2) it causes ingrown hair although it does help to a certain degree of slowing hair growth.

So, I decided that once and for all I’m taking the leap to reduce hair semi-permanently (and painless) which I signed myself for a 3 session Sumuzu Hair Removal treatment with I Do Clinic.

Right after checking in, I was brought into the consultation room where I met with Dr Foong who gave me a quick brief on the treatment and she mentioned that the treatment would be carried out by their trained nurses (woah…). She also did mention that there isn't such thing as permanent hair removal but Sumuzu's treatment is able to prolong the hair growth process.

My therapist (nurse) came over and passed me a shaver to shave up *ahem* the area to be treated because the laser would burn surfaced hair.

Just to note that if you're interested in doing this treatment, do go prepared (in other words, remember to shave the part that you'd like to have treated before going)

Later on, she came in and it was the time! As she squished out the cooling gel for the numbing effect, she told me that I would experience minor twitching feeling as though there was a light pinch (this is because well, I didn’t manage to shave until you know, clean). Then, she switched on the Koolite machine and began ZAPPING! During the zap, I did feel slight twitches which were a little bit uncomfortable but there wasn’t any pain at all. The whole zapping process probably only took 5 minutes and we were done. She then wiped off the excessive gel and then I was done.

I have to be completely honest; there are a couple of Pros and Cons having to do this treatment. Since this is only my first, I will keep it to the very last blog post. Can't wait for my next treatment!

Gone are the days of plucking / shaving / waxing / ingrown hairs at treated areas! No more unwanted hair poking out!


After every session, it is good to keep the treated area moisturised with moisturiser or sunblock for areas that are prompt to sun exposure. Also to avoid plucking/waxing/exfoliation for 2 weeks!

HOW MUCH? (Per session)

Bikini area - RM 300 | Underarm - RM300 | Lower Arm - RM400


If you're interested in trying out the treatment, head on to Kota Damansara's I Do's Clinic and quote my name [Yumi] to be entitled to RM200 rebate on any Sumuzu Hair Removal treatments!

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  5. the price is quite reasonable for laser treatment. how long will the hair removal last? anyhow it is still better than using epilator for face and body for manual hair removal each time.

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