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Thursday, May 16, 2013

in every girl's life...we often say "I want that bag! My dream bag!" but it's really nothing about being materialistic. it is just something that we want. probably a motivation. Or a reward to yourself with your hard-earned money right?

but now i've found Reebonz!

what is Reebonz you may ask..
Reebonz is an exclusive online destination to shop for luxury brands at a discounted price for their members and they have a wide range. And not to forget that membership is FREE!

So why Reebonz? 
- They provide FAST DELIVERY
 - All their bags are 100% AUTHENTIC
 - 0% INSTALLMENT payment plan from 8 different banks
 - Your order will be delivered in Reebonz luxurious black box with it's signature gold ribbon! (really pretty)
 - they have a really huge range of items and brands! Insert a snapshot of the homepage

and also if you are a big fan of vintage or pre-loved branded bags which you've been searching high and low, Reebonz has a small division that is called Reebonz Vintage. at Reebonz Vintage, you can also sell your pre-loved items with other vintage lovers! so there's no waste in any bags...

So the reason why I'm writing this is because I have a really good deal for you! I'm giving away RM78 worth of Reebonz credit that you can use for your purchase! And you could also be one of the 10 winners to win up to 100 Reebonz credit!

So what else could you be waiting for? Go get your dream bag naooooo at this link...
Get your RM78 discount here!
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